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Bluestanista's 100 Days, 100 EXO Drabbles Challenge:
WEEK 4 (DAYS 19 - 24)
A drabble with a minimum of 150 words shall be written using only the week's randomly assigned prompt. 
An EXO member to be used as the main character of a drabble shall also be randomly assigned per writer.
A total of six drabbles shall be posted per week per prompt. 
Challenge started: 16 July 2012 for #100dayswithEXO

DAY 22: -entry pending- [Xiumin]
by westkitsune

DAY 23: 'Cause I Can't See It Anymore [Yixing]
by mara_ciro
Yixing |friendship!Yixing/Lu Han | 445 words | Sometimes even the sharpest eyes need to be checked

Everything in his world was about words, from the things he said, to the things he read. To most of the world, words were just a casual part of their daily routines, for Zhang Yixing, they were his life. The written word was what brought food on his table and helped his family keep the roof over their head. Working with words wasn’t exactly the highest-paying job around; but he loved it and the thrill he got from it was something not even the best-paying job could replace.

As much as he loved his job, there were some days it drove him up the wall. Especially when all 20 authors assigned to him expected him to turn their 5,000 paged word-vomits into reader-friendly novels in one night. He liked to think he was a miracle worker but there were some days wherein he found that he met his limits. He needed a break; yet he didn’t trust anyone else to touch his “babies.”

“Hey, Yixing,”

He looked up from the novel he was proofreading and saw his friend/one of the authors he works with peering at him with wide doe eyes. He merely grunted in acknowledgement and resumed his business.

“There are a still a few typos in that last draft you sent back.”

Yixing’s eyes froze in the middle of a run-on sentence. “Shit,” he muttered, looking for the file he sent to Lu Han last night. When he found it and skimmed through it a few times, he saw the typos Lu Han was talking about.

“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT.” He shouted, as he stood up and ran around the room with his mouth open wide. He felt like such an idiot. How could he let those mistakes get past him? He couldn’t excuse having too much work to do. Shit. How many more novels had cases like these? Oh no… He was going to get fired if anyone found out. Now what was he going to do?!

As though sensing his friend’s thoughts, Lu Han stopped Yixing in mid-run by blocking his path. “Calm down,” he said, gently taking his friend by the shoulders and sitting him back on the office chair.

“You, my good friend, need a break.”

And that was how Yixing found himself being dragged out of his office and into the sun, spending half of his morning just walking around, talking about the most mundane things with Lu Han.

And he’ll get back to the office by one in the afternoon to be greeted by the same papers he left behind and an irate boss yelling at him to finish his work.  

“Ugh… this is why I don’t like taking breaks.”

DAY 24: Viruses and Office Cats Are The Least Of Your Worries [Chanyeol]
by tatianatorpid
Chanyeol | Baekhyun/Chanyeol, Sehun/Luhan, Kai/D.O.| 750 words. Joonmyun wishes he could get transferred to the foreign office.


“Yes, Joonmyun?” He sees his boss’ head floating just above the wall of his cubicle. He also spots a pair of unfamiliar kohl lined eyes peering over the divider.

“Oh good, you’re here. This is Byun Baekhyun, you’ll be sharing this cubicle with him.” Chanyeol stands up at the introduction and he exchanges an awkward bow with the new arrival. Joonmyun turns to Baekhyun, “Baekhyun, you will be partnered with Chanyeol for the Two Moons account. He will fill you in on everything you need to know.”

Joonmyun is about to leave when Chanyeol taps his shoulder, “Hey Joonmyun, I thought I was going to be partnered with Sehun for Two Moons.”

“It was Jongin’s suggestion. Sehun has been reassigned to Luhan’s project and Kyungsoo is going to keep helping you out from time to time, but he’s going to focus on his other assignment. Excuse me, Chanyeol.” Joonmyun smiles and hurries away

“That’s a mistake,” Chanyeol clicks his tongue and plops down onto his chair.

“What? I’m sorry?”

He turns to face Baekhyun and laughs, “Sehun. It was a mistake to take him off this…not going to get any work done at all.”

“Oh, um look…I know it’s hard partnering with someone new, but I’ll work hard and-”

Chanyeol continues, “Sehun has the hots for Luhan. Can you imagine trying to get work done when the self-proclaimed love of his life, master of his heart, and reason for his existence is barely a foot away?” he waves his arms around expressively and his eyes are wide and animated. “AND JONGIN! That sneaky bastard, pulling a trick like this without telling me. I have to come up with something bigger and better…”

“Jongin is working with Kyungsoo on that assignment right?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, that was probably part of his plan too. He put Sehun with Luhan, and me with you. So there isn’t anyone, but Kyungsoo available to help him, which means he gets to spend lots of time with the object of his not-so-secret affections.”

“Wait. How did you figure out that Jongin likes-”

“Jongin was on Kyungsoo like butter on toast in the pantry before and after I was introduced to them.”

Chanyeol laughs until he almost falls off his chair. He offers a handshake, “Hi, Baekhyun was it?” Baekhyun smiles as he shakes his hand and Chanyeol thinks this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Jongin was called into Joonmyun’s office. His boss had his head buried in his keyboard when he walked in, “Jongin, I am never listening to you ever again. I don’t even know why I did in the first place.”

“Why is that Joonmyun?”

Joonmyun raised his head, the keyboard keys had left embossed marks on his face and Jongin resisted the urge to snap a picture, “Productivity is down by twelve percent and one of our client accounts is thinking of pulling out. We’ve had to send Luhan to the foreign office-”

“Poor Sehun,” Jongin felt bad for the guy, he really did.

“Kyungsoo is more skittish than ever. I can only hope he doesn’t file a harassment case against you.”

“Oh, believe me, he won’t.” Jongin smirked and Joonmyun added that to his ever growing list of fears.

“The only people that seem to still be working are Chanyeol and Baekhyun.”

“Well that’s good then, isn’t it?”

“No, it isn’t. Since Baekhyun came along two weeks ago, everything for Two Moons has been done so efficiently that Chanyeol now has time to prank everyone. I’ve even had Kris calling all the way from their offices telling me how a Happy Virus has infiltrated their computers. I don’t even know how they  managed to do that.” Joonmyun forgets that in Baekhyun’s he resume stated that he took computer science courses in college.

“That is…brilliant. Why wasn’t I a part of this?”

“You weren’t, but Baekhyun was. There was that one day when the office was crawling with cats in collars and neckties.”

“Office-Cats. Good times, good times.”

“And remember that SNSD thing?”

“Oh you mean when Genie was playing on everyone’s computers non-stop and all the fax and printers machines were churning out TaeTiSeo posters?”

“Yes, that SNSD thing.”

“That was Baekhyun?”

“No. That was Chanyeol telling Baekhyun he was in love with him.”

Jongin leapt onto Joonmyun’s desk, “I SO CALLED THAT! I knew this was going to happen! Baekhyun is so his type!”

There’s a knock on his door. It’s Sehun, “Joonmyun, you’d better come see this.”

“What is it?”

“There is a mural of Chanyeol on the bathroom ceiling. I think it was made with eyeliner.”

Joonmyun wishes he could get transferred to the foreign office.
Tags: character: baekhyun, character: chanyeol, character: lay, character: luhan, character: suho, character: xiumin, prompt: office exo
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