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Bluestanista's 100 Days, 100 EXO Drabbles Challenge:
WEEK 4 (DAYS 19 - 24)
A drabble with a minimum of 150 words shall be written using only the week's randomly assigned prompt. 
An EXO member to be used as the main character of a drabble shall also be randomly assigned per writer.
A total of six drabbles shall be posted per week per prompt. 
Challenge started: 16 July 2012 for #100dayswithEXO

DAY 19: Untitled [Baekhyun]
by lessvocals
Baekhyun | Baekhyun/Tao | 420 words. Baekhyun blows his first job interview, Tao makes him feel better.

It’s the heat, he reasons silently.

It’s that damned sweltering summer heat that’s making him nauseous and clammy. He’s not nervous. Byun Baekhyun is too brilliant to feel nervous because of a job interview. He’s going to go in there and he’s going to blow their minds away with his witty answers and impeccable curriculum vitae.

“Mr. Byun? The panel is ready to see you now.”

Oh boy.

I need drink is all Baekhyun can think about as he struggles to pull off his suffocating tie. The panel, as the secretary called, turned out to be a pack of rabid wolves that could have ripped his—okay, he’s exaggerating. But he knows he never wants to go through something like that ever again. That unnerving heat could’ve been a sign because trust fresh university graduate Byun Baekhyun to end up in a circle of hell for his first job interview. Good job, Baekhyun, good job. First interview and you’re already a cowering fool.

God, he really needs a drink right now. It’s not even 5PM but he’s stopped caring the moment he got out of that cage of monsters…errr…interviewers.

Thankfully, he’s managed to get inside a cab without so much as a backward glance at the domineering building and he’s standing outside his apartment by the time he decides to get ridiculously drunk. Huffing, he dives a hand inside his coat pocket to retrieve his keys but there’s a sudden click from the inside, door opening to reveal his smiling boyfriend.

“You’re home!” the taller man greets, opening his arms as Baekhyun steps into his embrace. Tao gives such big, comforting hugs that Baekhyun just wants to sag against him and never let go.

“ohmergasadja…” Baekhyun grumbles against his boyfriend’s collarbones. He’s allowed to be a child after the fiasco he just went through.

“What?” Tao asked, amusement coloring his voice. “And how was your interview, Baekhyunnie?”

The smaller male begrudgingly detaches his face from Tao’s neck, looking up to meet his gaze. “It was horrible,” he bemoans. “I felt like I was being interrogated like a criminal or something!”

Tao’s expression immediately softens as he notes the distressed look on Baekhyun’s pretty face. Back in college, Baekhyun had been an achiever, graduating with Latin honors and numerous leadership awards. People always told him that he’d have a bright future ahead of him. So Tao understands how disappointed Baekhyun must be currently feeling. Good thing he knows just the thing to make his lover feel better.

Tao’s smile turns mischievous.

DAY 20: Mondays Through Fridays [Chen]
by aore86
Chen| Ninja!KrisHo, BaekYeol, and HunHan | 726 words. Accountant Jongdae blogs about his life with EXO Enterprises.

Blog Entry  #1:

Hi everyone~ Today, I have begun working as an accountant at EXO Enterprises! I didn’t I would get the job, considering the fact that I think I messed up my interview. o(>_<)o The interviewer was nice but he was so enthusiastic and it seemed like there was something wrong with his face or sth. It was twitching and everything…

Anyway, here’s to a new start!

Blog Entry #13:

EXO Enterprises is one of the leading business companies in the world, but it sure is strange. They have the weirdest expenditures ever. O_O Like, I can’t even- They even have separate budgets for cake, facial products and eyeliner.

One would think that eyeliner would be included under facial products, but no. It has a budget of its own. I still don’t know why though. I thought this was a company that works on exports and imports to China? Do we even export eyeliner?

Blog Entry #54:

Sometimes, I wonder why on earth I still work here when most of the time it seems like I’m the only one doing actual work. Just today, while I was balancing the company’s finances, Minseok-hyung was at the lounge, flirting with one of our clients. Once the client left, he called it a day and went home.


I honestly don’t know how he gets all those deals for us. I don’t even know how ‘flirting’ is ‘doing work’.

Blog Entry #89:

Today was a horrible day. Luhan-hyung was once again hit on by a client. That wouldn’t have been so bad because Luhan-hyung can fend for himself…but Sehun happened to see.
I think we may have a lawsuit on our hands. I hope Yixing-hyung and Jongin can handle it well.  I haven’t received my paycheck yet.

Blog Entry #100:

Kyungsoo is one of my favorite people in the office~ He’s so nice, actually does his work and occasionally brings lunch for everyone~ Today, he brought Kimchi Spaghetti for everyone! It sounds weird but it was amazing! *A* Too bad Jongin ate the most of it. D:

Blog Entry #123:

Director Yifan is leaving for a week-long business trip tomorrow, which can only mean that everyone can slack off! He usually leaves Joonmyun-hyung in charge but no one really listens to him aside from Kyungsoo who is just too nice. :D

He left really strict instructions to not let Tao’s cake supply run out. No Cake = Unhappy Tao = Wushu  Tao = Incapacitated people. D:

Blog Entry #124:

Jongin borrowed my stack of post-its earlier today and when I asked for it, he told me that he already used them all up.



He told me he’ll show me tomorrow.

Blog Entry #125:

Jongin and Chanyeol have been papering the whole of duizhang’s office with post-its. Bright, neon-pink post-its.

I have never been so proud of them in my entire life.

Luhan-hyung and Yixing-hyung approve, and the three of us will go shopping for post-its during lunch break.

Blog Entry #134:

As expected, Duizhang was not happy with what happened with his office. It’s amazing how he immediately knew that it was Jongin’s and Chanyeol’s doing though. He was about to hand out punishments but Joonmyun-hyung managed to appease him by saying about how it’s a good way for employees to ‘bond and de-stress’.

Tao also “bbuingbbuing-ed” him out of anger.

Works every time.

Blog Entry #193:

I think I am scarred for life. I might also possibly hand in my resignation letter tomorrow. Or when I can look at Duizhang in the eyes again.

Blog Entry #194:

I apologize for my brief and rather cryptic last post. My mind wasn’t really coherent back then, but now I believe I have collected myself quite enough to explain the previous post.

Right after a meeting with the department heads, Duizhang called Joonmyun-hyung into his office to discuss some serious matters. This was an almost-daily occurrence so I didn’t dwell on it.

Until I passed by Duizhang’s office on my way to the photocopying machine.

I heard sounds.



And to make things worse, when I got to the photocopying room, Baekhyun and Chanyeol were there, doing things almost as bad.

WELP. Never going near those places again.

DAY 21: Of Decisions That Involve You [Suho]
by elaineleyn
Suho | Suho/Kris | 263 words. Quitting has never been an option.

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? You look like a zombie."

Joonmyun heaves a sigh; there are dark circles forming beneath the pair of his reddening orbs that cannot be well-concealed by the huge reading glasses on his face.

"An underpaid zombie," he mindlessly answers back, rubbing his temples with his knuckles.
Wufan gives him the look, the one where the taller's sharp eyes droop down and a slight yet noticeable frown appears on his lips. A change from his usually expressionless face to a worried gaze follows and Joonmyun doesn't exactly like it.

Probably because he feels his heart may just jump out of his chest every time Wufan does it.

"Why," Wufan hesitates before continuing, "don’t you just quit?"

Joonmyun is a little shaken; he only hopes Wufan did not catch that. "Quitting is not an option I have considered," he shrugs.

Because quitting will mean no more Wufan who comes to the office thirty minutes earlier in the morning to greet him with a warm cup of coffee; nor he is willing to give up the feeling of fluttering butterflies in his stomach that he gets whenever he goes back to his cubicle to find colorful post-its sticking on his desktop monitor, reminding him of their 'special meetings,' with occasional playful notes of "I can't wait to see your ugly face again. Don't overwork yourself -Wufan."  

Wufan raises his eyebrow at him.

"Actually, don't worry, I can handle it." He makes a mental note to himself not to tell his boss and boyfriend, something about getting underpaid again.

Tags: character: baekhyun, character: chen, character: kris, character: suho, character: tao, prompt: office exo
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